Kale, raw

Fun Facts

  1. A Serving Of Kale Has More Absorbable Calcium Than A Small Carton Of Milk
  2. Kale’s Secret Power Is Its Phytonutrients, Those Miraculous Molecules In Plants That Are Often Called “Antioxidants”
  3. Being A Kale Fan Doesn’t Mean You Have To Eat A Giant Trough Of Kale Salad At Every Meal Or Juice A Bushel And Swig It Down With A Smile
  4. Go Slow, Kale Newbie. Start With Kale Chips, Not A Giant Kale Salad
  5. Organic Matters But So Does Eating More Plants
  6. The World Of Kale Is Vast And Varied – Keep Exploring!
  7. Kale Is Really Easy To Grow
  8. You Can Absorb The Nutrients In Raw Kale

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