Celery, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Celery can reach the height of 3.3 feet.
  2. Celery is also known as “bunch of celery” because it consists of 10 to 12 individual pale green stalks. They are succulent, crunchy and U shaped on the cross section. Stalks have rough texture due to series of parallel ribs.
  3. Each stalk ends with pinnate or bipinnate leaves that are serrated on the edges. Stalks and leaves are known as head of celery.
  4. Celery produces creamy-white flowers that are arranged in the terminal inflorescence known as umbels.
  5. Celery is usually propagated via miniature seed. One ounce of seeds is enough for the production of one acre of celery. Oil extracted from the seeds has application in pharmaceutical and perfume industry.
  6. Celery is low-energy vegetable. Due to low level of calories, celery is suitable for diets. Celery contains certain amounts of vitamins C, K, B2 and dietary fibers.