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Top 10 Meals Under 500 Calories

Below you will find our weekly top 10 meals from around the world. If you would like to find a specific cuisine or course browse them below as well.

Meals & Recipes Under 500 Calories
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Meals Under 500 Calories 4 stars Main Dish Thai jasmine rice top sirloin steak romaine lettuce cucumber tomato red onion cilantro leaves fresh lime juice fish sauce sugar thai chili peppers olive oil black beans cumin garlic powder tofu ginger Fusion farro low-sodium vegetable broth tamari carrot maple syrup red bell pepper broccoli zucchini Asian sesame oil red pepper mushrooms cloves garlic broccoli slaw Sesame seeds soy sauce rice vinegar Lunch Dinner Paleo cauliflower ghee onion chicken broth coconut milk sea salt black pepper shrimp lemons lemon juice parsley 5 stars uncooked whole-wheat pasta peanut butter lime juiced garlic clove minced piece ginger, peeled and grated frozen shelled edamame frozen stir-fry vegetables chopped peanuts scallions, sliced Mexican 0 stars whole wheat tortillas chedder cheese salsa
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What to look for in Healthy Recipes & Meals

Everyone has a different reason for why they want to start eating healthy. Regardless of this it's important to find foods in recipes that fall into the following criteria: