KRAFT VELVEETA LIGHT Reduced Fat Pasteurized Process Cheese Product

Fun Facts

  1. Light Velveeta has half the fat of regular Velveeta, at about 96 g per box. One serving of Velveeta also contains 410 mg of sodium. Its redeeming grace is that each serving also contains 5 g of protein.
  2. Velveeta, the cheese product found in a variety of dips and added to dishes like mac and cheese, is a guilty pleasure for some people.
  3. The gooey product has a permanent home in many Americans’ pantries. But if you’re trying to diet, lose weight or eat better, it may be time to dump the Velveeta and replace it with a healthier substitute. Velveeta is high in calories and fat with little in the way of nutritional benefits.
  4. When you first glance at the packaging, Velveeta looks as though it’s relatively low in calories. But you should read the serving size and number of servings for each container.
  5. Velveeta packaging lists a serving size of 28 g, slightly less than 1 oz. That 28 g of cheese product has 80 calories. While that may seem like a small number, the packaging also lists that there are 32 servings in each package of Velveeta.

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