Chives, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Chives have hollow, thin, tubular stem that can reach 12 to 20 inches in height.
  2. Just like other types of onions, chives develop bulbs from the roots. Bulbs are not very large. They are slender, conical in shape and arranged in dense clusters.
  3. Chives produce long, slender, grass-like green leaves that are round on the cross section.
  4. Chives develop purple, star-shaped flowers arranged in dense terminal clusters composed of 10 to 30 individual flowers. Each flower contains both male and female reproductive organs (perfect flowers).
  5. Chives bloom at the beginning of the spring (usually from April to May). Flowers attract bees, responsible for the pollination of this plant.
  6. Fruit of chives is capsule filled with seed. It matures during the summer and splits in three parts to release the seed.
  7. Chives propagates via seed or through division of clumps.
  8. Leaves of chives are used in human diet. They have mild, sweet to savory, slightly pungent flavor. Flowers are also edible, but they are mostly used as garnish.