Chicory roots, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Chicory has rough, upright, smooth or partially hairy stem that can reach 10 to 40 inches in height. Entire stem is filled with bitter milky sap.
  2. Chicory has strong, well developed spindle-shaped taproot. It penetrates deeply into the ground and ensures survival of the plant during the drought.
  3. Chicory develops two types of leaves: large, lobed leaves at the base of the plant and smaller, oblong or lanceolate-shaped leaves on the upper parts of the stem. Both types of leaves are green colored.
  4. Chicory produces bluish-purple (rarely white or pink) flowers. Petals are arranged in two rows: shorter on the outside and longer, erect on the inside. Tips of the petals are hairy. Bunch of dark blue stamens is located in the center of the flower.
  5. Chicory blooms from July to October. Each flower lasts only one day. Flowers can be seen only during the sunny days.

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