Egg, white, dried

Fun Facts

  1. The most important egg white health benefit is the nutritional gain from these eggs.
  2. They are free of fats and cholesterol.
  3. The egg white of a single egg contains both high amounts of proteins and sodium, with very less amount of calories.
  4. They also contain small amounts of vitamin B, which is healthy for your body.
  5. Benefits of eating egg white do not stop at these. When you consume it instead of egg yolks, you also avoid consuming a lot of cholesterol.
  6. The calories and nutrients that you receive are of a much higher quality than that of whole eggs or any other breakfast foods.
  7. Eggs can leave you feeling a lot fuller than breakfast cereals.
  8. Therefore, you end up eating less but healthier calories. This is one of the best ways of using egg whites for weight loss.
  9. There are some benefits of drinking egg white as well.
  10. Since egg whites have very high quality proteins, they are great for body builders.

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