Cheese, mexican, queso chihuahua

Fun Facts

  1. Chihuahua cheese is a pale-yellow, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Mexico. It has some similarity to cheddar and is called queso asadero (‘roasting cheese’) because it has good melting properties, becoming soft and stringy when heated.
  2. The production process involves stretching the cheese into long ribbons and rolling it up like a ball of wool.
  3. Both the dog and the cheese are named after the largest state in Mexico although there is no archaeological evidence that that’s where the dogs originated.
  4. Born from a tradition of quality, V&V Supremo® Chihuahua® cheese entered the Villaseñor families’ line of fine food products to meet the demand for a traditional “queso quesadilla” made from all-natural, non-processed ingredients. Its distinctive pale yellow color, semi-soft texture, and incomparably mild, buttery taste make it the number one Mexican-style melting cheese.

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