Cheese sauce, prepared from recipe

Fun Facts

  1. Cheese sauces serve a variety of purposes, from topping off “fun foods” to enhancing the flavor and texture of main course entrees. Finding the right sauce can make a big difference.
  2. Chefs, Caterers and Restaurant Managers use Gehl’s traditional cheese sauces to transform ordinary entrees into signature dishes. They know Gehl’s cheese sauces outperform shredded cheeses for consistency, heat-retention and flavor. Yellow cheddar cheese sauces like Aged, Mild and Sharp Cheddar add richness to food as a topping or filling. Supreme White Cheddar cheese sauce complements milder pastas or vegetables, and makes a great base for authentic Mexican specialties.
  3. Dieticians and Cafeteria Managers love the healthier aspects of Gehl’s Lite cheese sauces, which reduce fat, calories and cholesterol while still offering rich, creamy flavor. They also value the naturally higher protein levels in our Supreme Cheddar, which qualifies for Child Nutrition (CN) labeling.
  4. Concession and Convenience Operators find Gehl’s dispensed sauces to be real profit earners. The same flavorful chili and cheese sauce used for nachos also make appealing “add-ons” to pretzels, hot-dogs and French fries, drawing in even more sales.

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