Cheese, goat, hard type

Fun Facts

  1. Goat cheeses, however, take the “best of show” awards in my book for overall taste, texture and nutrition. There’s a cheese for every palate, ranging from smooth and mild, to firm and tart.
  2. Goat cheese in the broadest sense of the term is simply any kind of cheese that is made with goat milk, as opposed to milk from other animals, such as sheep or cows.
  3. The biggest factor for influencing the properties of goat cheese compared to other cheese is related to the fat composition of goat milk.
  4. The fat globules in goat milk are significantly smaller than those in cow’s milk.
  5. The smaller size, along with the lack of a protein known as agglutinin, which causes the fat in cow’s milk to clump together, means that the fat in goat milk stays dispersed. Goat milk is thus naturally homogenized, resulting in a creamier texture in both the milk and cheeses.

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