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Fun Facts

  1. Quail eggs are little eggs around the size of a grape tomato. They have a grey shell with speckles of black/brown. And as their name suggests, they’re laid by these birds called quails!
  2. Quail Eggs Taste Just Like Chicken Eggs! I feel like one of those people that think fish tastes just like chicken, but honestly, the difference in taste here is minimal!
    Quail eggs are a tad bit richer in taste (because they have a bigger yolk to white ratio than chicken eggs), but generally the taste isn’t too dissimilar from chicken eggs.
  3. Quail Eggs Are Barely Healthier than Chicken Eggs! Compared to chicken eggs, quail eggs are slightly healthier if you can muster up the energy to eat that many quail eggs (you’re probably burning a lot of extra calories peeling those things)!
  4. Quail Eggs Are Cooked In The Same Ways As Chicken Eggs! You don’t need to fear cooking quail eggs if you can cook chicken eggs.

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