CAMPBELL’S, Tomato Soup, condensed

Fun Facts

  1. The roots of the Campbell Soup Company can be traced back to 1860, when Abraham Anderson opened a small canning factory in Camden, New Jersey. In 1869 Philadelphia produce merchant Joseph Campbell became Anderson’s partner, forming Anderson and Campbell.
  2. Campbell’s soup began finding its way into American kitchens at a time when the prepared-food industry was growing rapidly yet was still small. By 1904 the company sold 16 million cans of soup a year. That same year, in order to provide workers with something to do in the middle of the day when the soup stock was in the midst of its long simmering time, the company began making and selling Pork and Beans.
  3. Campbell Soup Company is the number one maker of soups in the world, holds the top position in that category in Europe, and dominates its home market of the United States with a commanding 69 percent share. The company divides its operations into four areas. North American soup and “away from home” products includes the flagship condensed and ready-to-serve soup lines, Swanson broths, and the firm’s entire Canadian business, as well as the distribution of soups, specialty entrees, beverages, other prepared foods, and bakery products through various food service channels.

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