Egg, whole, cooked, scrambled

Fun Facts

  1. Eggs Contaminated with Salmonella Have Put Consumers At Risk Across the Nation.
  2. Raw or Under cooked Eggs Can Contain Harmful SE Bacteria
  3. Proper cooking of eggs kills the SE bacteria that may be inside the eggs. However, too many consumers don’t know that common-egg preparation practices could make them sick. Some high-risk practices include:
    serving eggs “sunny side up,” lightly poached, soft-boiled, or any other style where the yolk is still runny;
    eating cookie dough or cake batter that contains raw eggs;
    using raw eggs in salad dressing, such as Caesar salad or homemade mayonnaise.
  4. The Federal Government Has Failed to Protect Consumers from the Risk of SE.
  5. The pilot program in Pennsylvania survived despite the cut in federal funding and is now known as the Pennsylvania Egg Quality Assurance Program. The program reduced the number of contaminated flocks from 38 percent to 8 percent in five years. The number of human illnesses from SE in the market area for Pennsylvania eggs also showed a decrease.

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