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Fun Facts

  1. 33 calories per 100g of “Campbell’s Fat Free Turkey Gravy” amount to 2% of a daily intake of 2000 calories, but your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  2. “Campbell’s Fat Free Turkey Gravy” contains 6.67g of carbs per 100g. Also, while planning your diet, though, it’s important to understand the hierarchy of carbs. This refers to the fact that certain carbohydrates will provide lasting energy and are less likely to cause weight gain.
  3. “Campbell’s Fat Free Turkey Gravy” containes no vitamin A Vitamin A in specific can be categorized by Retinol, Alpha Carotene, Beta Carotene, Beta Cryptoxanthin, Lycopene & Lutein+Zeazanthin.
  4. In particular, the calories (33Kcal) that are contained in “Campbell’s Fat Free Turkey Gravy” are separated in calories from fat (0Kcal), from carbohydrate (26.68Kcal) and from protein (6.68Kcal).

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