CAMPBELL’S, HEALTHY REQUEST, chicken with rice, condensed

Fun Facts

  1. Rice has been produced in what is now the U.S. for more than 300 years.
  2. Only about one chicken out of ten has any detectable salmonella on it, and it’s a very low level, according to USDA stats.
  3. The world’s top rice-exporting countries are Thailand, India, the U.S., Vietnam, and it’s a tie with Burma and China.
  4. There’s an occupation called chicken sexer. They hold each chick by hand up to a 300 watt bulb to determine if it’s male or female (the females are kept for egg laying). A sexer typically examines 1,000 chicks per hour, 80,000 a day, with 99% accuracy.
  5. Winter-flooded rice fields provide important habitat for migratory waterfowl and other species.
  6. The top three world markets for U.S. rice are Central America, Mexico and Japan.

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