Sauce, hot chile, sriracha

Fun Facts

  1. Sriracha sauce is based on David Tran’s recipe for the Sriracha chili sauce, a dipping sauce which originated from Thailand.
  2. This sauce is produced by Huy Fong Foods, a California manufacturer. Created in 1980 by Vietnamese-American founder David Tran, it is a brand of Sriracha sauce often also known as “rooster sauce”, because of the rooster prominently featured on its label. Some cookbooks include recipes using it as their main condiment.
  3. Sriracha sauce has grown from a cult taste to one of the food industry’s most popular fads. It infuses burgers, snacks, candy, beverages and even health products. Tran said he was dissuaded to secure a trademark since it is difficult to obtain one named after a real-life location.
  4. Huy Fong Foods says demand has outpaced supply since the company started making the sauce. The company doesn’t advertise because advertising would only widen that gap.

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