Whey, acid, dried

Fun Facts

  1. Acid whey can be dried and used to make whey protein concentrates. Liquid acid whey can also be used directly as a healthy additive in food products.
  2. oth lactose and lactic acid can be used in food processing. Food scientists are working on processes to economically remove the lactose, lactic acid and minerals from acid whey.
  3. Some farmers feed acid whey to livestock such as pigs, chickens or cattle. It is mixed in with other food or served neat in liquid form. Animals, especially pigs, like the taste of whey. Hogs love a whey drink straight up or with a chaser of corn mash.
  4. Acid whey can be used to fertilize croplands. Some people complain that this can result in a sour ‘old beer like’ smell coming from the field. Whether or not this is a problem most likely depends on how fond you are of the smell of spilt beer and run down roadside bars.
  5. Acid whey can be used in an anaerobic digester to make electricity. Anaerobic digesters use helpful bacteria to ferment acid whey along with other substances, such as manure.