Soup, beef broth, less/reduced sodium, ready to serve

Fun Facts

  1. In 2014, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup celebrated its 80th anniversary.
  2. The American band Bowling for Soup originally formed in 1994 and have since released a number of hits including “High School Never Ends,” “1985,” and “Girl All The Bad Guys Want.”
  3. It is believed that the first-ever soup was created around 6,000 B.C. and was made of hippopotamus.
  4. Rumour has it hip-wiggling Elvis Presley was fond of dining on a bowl of potato cheese soup topped with fried onion rings.
  5. Soup isn’t always hot! For those who live in warmer climates like Spain, cold soup alternatives, like tomato-based gazpacho, are popular.
  6. Many soups that seem suitable for vegetarians actually aren’t. French onion soup, for example, is commonly made with a beef-broth base.
  7. Former president Abraham Lincoln was also a soup fan, celebrating his inauguration with the mock turtle variety.
  8. Though it has been linked to several origin stories, there are suggestions that the word “soup” can be traced back to the sixth-century Latin word “suppa,” meaning a piece of bread eaten in broth.

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