Soup, cream of mushroom, canned, condensed, reduced sodium

Fun Facts

  1. A mycophile is someone whose hobby is to hunt edible wild mushrooms.
  2. A mycologist is an expert in mushrooms and other fungi -from the Greek word mykes, meaning “fungus”.
  3. A mushroom is a fungus (from the Greek word sphongos, meaning “sponge”).
  4. A mushroom is classified as a fungus because it has no chlorophyll, produces spore and not seeds.
  5. One Portabella mushroom generally has more potassium than a banana.
  6. Mushrooms are composed of 90% water.
  7. Mushrooms, particularly the Portabella are often used in place of meat in many dishes making them great for vegetarians and earning them the name of ‘beefsteak for the poor’.

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