Gravy, chicken, dry

Fun Facts

  1. Mother hens can show their babies what is good to eat and what is not. In tests, hens have taught their babies to stay away from color-coded grains that are bad for them.
  2. Chicken families begin communicating with each other before the babies have even hatched. The mother hen talks to her eggs (often a purring sound), and the chicks begin peeping back to her from inside their unhatched eggs.
  3. Chickens go into a passive, trancelike state when they sleep at night. Consequently, if you need to catch and handle a chicken that is not very tame, do it at night after the chicken has settled down to roost.
  4. Blue eggshell color comes from biliverdin; brown eggshell color comes from protoporphyrins. Pink eggs are the result of small quantities of a rosy brown pigment, while green eggs have both blue and brown pigments.
  5. Brown eggshell colors are deposited on the outside of the shell, while blue goes throughout the shell, even on the inside.

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