Milk, buttermilk, dried

Fun Facts

  1. Buttermilk Powder is typically made by spray drying liquid buttermilk. Pasteurized buttermilk is typically spray dried in a low pressure chamber where the water is evaporated leaving behind fine particles of powdered buttermilk solids, often called dry buttermilk, dried buttermilk, spray dried buttermilk, sweet cream buttermilk, buttermilk product, dry buttermilk product and buttermilk solids.
  2. Buttermilk powder can also be manufactured by drum drying and in that process, the liquid buttermilk is applied to the surface of a heated drum and the dried buttermilk powder is then scraped off by knives. Dried buttermilk powder manufactured by this process tends to have a cooked flavor, due to the increased carmelization of the milk sugar (lactose) that occurs in this process.
  3. Dry Buttermilk Powder offers a longer shelf life than liquid buttermilk.Buttermilk Powder can be purchased in a wide range of package sizes to offer the user flexibility when incorporating buttermilk powder into any food product.

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