Salad dressing, honey mustard, regular

Fun Facts

  1. Eyeball any salad-dressing label, and oil is one of the top ingredients. Unfortunately, the bulk of oils used in nonorganic salad dressings today come from genetically engineered soy or canola, crops that have never been tested for their impact on human health.
  2. The organic label ensures there’s no high-fructose corn syrup in your dressing, so go that route whenever possible. Beware of dressing with too much regular sugar, too.
  3. Bradley says titanium dioxide is sometimes listed as itself on the label but sometimes falls under vague “colors added” terms. Be wary of dressings listing these ingredients and consider whipping up your own version, free of funky ingredients.
  4. Trans fats are dangerous industrialized fats that your taste buds love but your body hates, thanks to the ingredient’s tendency to promote heart disease. Used to help extend a product’s shelf life, trans fats are required to be labeled, but there’s a loophole, and food manufacturers are capitalizing on it.

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