Fun Facts

  1. Fruit Smoothie with Apple Juice, which is my favourite smoothie drink. I enjoy the delicious, smooth drink because I find that it is a subtly sweet, healthy product that contains my 100% Vitamin C intake for the day.
  2. Fruit Smoothie products go on sale for half price every few months at Metro so I usually buy a few extra bottles then.
  3. he taste of sweet fruit in a blended drink is the perfect treat for your taste buds! Big Train has introduced 6 Top Selling Real Fruit pour-over ice Smoothie flavors that taste as delicious as they are simple to make. Simply fill a glass with the desired amount of ice, pour your favorite Real Fruit Smoothie mix over the top of the ice and pour all the contents into a blender and blend!
  4. Big Train Fruit Smoothie Tea Blast is a perfect fusion of real fruit or juice, green tea and Vitamin C. Not only does this better-for-you-smoothie contain 150% of your daily Vitamin C allowance, its fat free, Kosher Certified, and Antioxidant rich – up to 100 mg of Antioxidants per 16 oz serving! Fruit Tea Smoothie Blast beverage mix is a delicious addition to any frozen drink recipe and can be used as a base mix.

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