Cranberry sauce, jellied, canned, OCEAN SPRAY

Fun Facts

  1. Canned cranberry sauce is usually sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Some varieties contain lemon juice or extra fruit pectin. In a taste test in 2010, we judged Ocean Spray as our winner—it has an ideal balance of sweet and tart cranberry flavor, plus a pleasantly smooth texture, even if there are no discernible whole cranberry bits to pick out.
  2. Half a cup of cranberry sauce adds moisture and flavor to cakes or scones. You can also stir it into batter for sweet and zesty pancakes or waffles, or mix it into the filling for a pie, turnover, or tart. It’s a useful ingredient for savory dishes; stir it into salsa or sauce for a tangy kick, mix it into minced beef for delicious burgers or meatballs, or use it as a glaze on a roast, like we do in this cranberry-glazed chicken recipe.
  3. Canned cranberry sauce is very similar in composition to membrillo, the Spanish quince jelly that’s served with hard cheeses like manchego. The tart flavor of cranberries makes it a perfect substitute. Whatever you do with your canned cranberry sauce, you surely won’t regret having it in the pantry.

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