Kiwifruit, ZESPRI SunGold, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Avocados and kiwis are two of the most vitamin packed fruits, however while each avocado contains 2 grams of saturated fat, kiwifruits are completely fat free.
  2. Kiwi fruits contain enzymes that aid protein absorption by breaking down nutrients so they can be delivered to your tired muscles. Have them straight after your post-workout protein shakes.
  3. Among health and beauty junkies, kiwifruits are popular ingredients in DIY face masks. Kiwis are rich in alpha hydroxy fruit acids, vitamin C, E and K. Kiwis are ideal for exfoliating, nourishing and anti-aging.
  4. The kiwifruit originated from China and was originally called the ‘Chinese Gooseberry’. The name was later changed due to the name being negatively associated with the Cold War.
  5. Eating 2 kiwifruits an hour before bedtime will help you fall asleep quicker! Sleep more soundly and feel better tested when you wake up in the morning.

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