Apples, raw, gala, with skin

Fun Facts

  1. Gala apples were discovered in 1934 by New Zealand orchardist J.H. Kidd and are a cross between Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange Red, an English favorite. They were introduced for commercial production in 1965, and made their way into the U.S. market in the 1970’s.
  2. With a mildly sweet flavor and long availability window, this apple is one of today’s most popular varieties. Gala apples are among the top 3 apple varieties grown in Washington State.
  3. Gala apples are one of the first varieties Stemilt harvests in Washington State each August. Harvest continues into September.
  4. The Royal Gala strain was named to honor Queen Elizabeth II after she praised the apple during a visit to New Zealand.
  5. Gala ranks 2nd in the list of top ten apple varieties grown in the U.S., trailing only Red Delicious.

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