Pears, raw, green anjou

Fun Facts

  1. D’Anjou pears do not change color as they ripen. That’s why Stemilt sends d’Anjou pears to stores at the “just starting to ripen” phase. They are ripe and ready to enjoy within a day or two from purchase.
  2. Growers harvest pears once they are mature, but in the pear world, maturity means the fruit is not fully ripened. If growers allowed pears to ripen on the tree, the core of the fruit would breakdown, causing an unappetizing mushy or mealy texture when they arrived at grocery stores (and no one wants that!). Harvesting pears at the right pressures leads to fruit that will ripen to good quality. At Stemilt, we do just that and cool them immediately after harvest in order to deliver premium pears to your stores.
  3. D’Anjou pear puree is used for Jelly Belly’s Juicy Pear flavor of jelly bean.
  4. Anjou is pronounced AWN-JU
  5. D’Anjou pears are the second-most recognizable pear in the U.S.

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