Pears, raw, bosc

Fun Facts

  1. Attached to the tree: Pears are best picked when the fruit separates easily from the twigs. If it is hard to pull off the tree, it isn’t ready!
  2. Asian pears, unlike European pears, should be allowed to ripen on the tree. They need no after-ripening storage period. Asian pears are ready for harvest when they come away easily from the spur or branch when they are lifted and twisted slightly. Also when green skin color starts to change to yellow, they’re ripe. .Use the taste test; they’re ready when they taste good. Asian pears should be crisp and crunchy when eaten.
  3. Color: there is a change in fruit color from green to yellow; and the stem separates easily from the branch. To pick pears, grasp the fruit firmly and twist or roll it to make the stem separate from the tree.
  4. Texture: A pear ready to be picked should have a feeling of springiness to its flesh. Close your hand around one and squeeze. If it feels absolutely rock hard, it’s still not ready. You should be able to detect a slight feeling of give, but not too much.

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