Pears, raw, red anjou

Fun Facts

  1. Red Anjous are recognizable for their egg-shaped appearance; having a large spherical lower potion that begins a gradual and even taper above the mid-point to a smaller, rounded top. The color of Red Anjous varies from pear to pear, however they are generally dark maroon in color, sometimes with light vertical streaks of color that were naturally created by the sun while the pear was still on the tree.
  2. The popularity of Red Anjous has brought a great deal of attention for this variety. Planting of Red Anjou pear trees in the Pacific Northwest has been on the increase, and they can now be found in markets from late September or early October through the spring months.
  3. Red Anjous show only slight change in color as they ripen, which is another characteristic shared with their Green Anjou counterparts. The best indication of ripeness for any pear is the thumb test: gentle thumb pressure near the stem will yield slightly when the pear is ripe.
  4. Red Anjous, like all pears, ripen when held at room temperature. Depending on their level of ripeness when purchased, it may take several days before they are ready to eat. The results, however, are well worth the wait. Red Anjous develop a mild, sweet flavor with very smooth texture and abundant juices when ripe.

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