Dessert topping, powdered

Fun Facts

  1. Apple, pears, peaches and berries lend themselves to so many delicious desserts. Here is a description of the old-fashioned desserts.
  2. Betty is made with alternate layers of sweetened fruit and cake, cookie or bread crumbs. The top layer of crumbs brown as it bakes.
  3. Buckle is a cake-like dessert made with berries and may or may not have a crumb topping. It got its name because the cake sometimes buckles under the weight of the topping.
  4. Cobbler has a biscuit topping over the fruit. The topping can be either in a single layer or dropped over the fruit to give a cobblestone effect.
  5. Crisps have a crumb topping over the fruit. The topping has flour, sugar and butter and may or may not have oats, nuts and spices. The topping gets crisp while baking.
  6. Dessert dumplings use a flaky pastry to enclose the fruit.