Strawberries, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Each strawberry plant consists of root, crown, runners (stolons), leaves and daughter plants. Plant grows in length by producing new runners that arise from a crown.
  2. Compound leaves consist of three leaflets. They are green, hairy and toothed on the edges.
  3. Strawberry produces white or pinkish flowers that grow between the stem and leaves. Flowers can be seen even when fruit (both immature and ripe) already exist. One plant usually bears 30 berries at each moment.
  4. Strawberries are the first fruits that appear in the spring. Another unique feature of strawberries is that (unlike other fruit) they bear seed on the outer side of the fruit. One strawberry has around 200 seeds.
  5. Even though strawberries are known as “berries” they belong to the group of fruit that produce miniature seeds known as achenes. Red part of the strawberry is not “true fruit”. It is enlarged flower stem.

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