Quinces, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Quince is small tree that can reach 16 to 26 feet in height.
  2. Quince develops simple, ovate leaves with smooth margins. They are pale green colored due to dense layer of white hairs on the surface. Leaves are alternately arranged on the branches.
  3. Quince produces large, pink or white individual flowers at the end of the branches. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs.
  4. Quince blooms during the spring and summer. Flowers attract bees (natural pollinators), but they are also able to perform self-pollination.
  5. Fruit of quince is large pome. Fruit has yellowish-white flesh filled with stone cells and numerous seed in the middle. Surface of the fruit is covered with yellow skin that has rough and woolly texture.
  6. Quince which grows in temperate region produces unpalatable, tart and astringent fruit that needs to be thermally processed before consumption (high temperatures destroy tannins, bitter compounds). Quince can be consumed in the form of compotes, preserves, jellies or as an ingredient of dishes made of seafood, poultry and lamb.

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