Fun Facts

  1. The origins of eggnog are somewhat of a mystery, although there are several theories about how it can to be the modern drink we know today.
  2. One theory is that eggnog is a descendant of posset, a 14th century drink popular in Medieval Europe that was made with hot milk.
  3. Beverages similar to eggnog were popular with the aristocracy in Britain primarily because the required ingredients were expensive and less available to the lower classes.
  4. Another theory combines egg, for the beaten eggs the drink contains, and nog, a shortened version of noggin which was a Middle English word used to describe a small wooden mug used to serve alcohol.
  5. Many theories place the origination of eggnog in the American colonies.
  6. One of the more popular theories makes egg and grog, a drink made with beaten eggs and rum, the father of modern day eggnog.
  7. Colonists turned to Caribbean rum, which was readily available and inexpensive, in order to avoid the high taxes on other types of alcohol.

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