Oranges, raw, Florida

Fun Facts

  1. Florida oranges are a very regulated commodity. The fruit has to pass the Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Citrus Commission, US. Department of Agriculture and consumers. Even the processed juices are closely monitored making sure everything is full of quality as well as safe.
  2. Florida oranges are the second largest crop of oranges enjoyed in the world. They are just slightly behind Brazil in demand, and of all the oranges grown in Florida, 90 percent get turned into orange juice.
  3. Light colored oranges tend to have a better flavor, and several varieties of Florida Oranges come in a very light color even at their peak. Since the oranges are not picked until they are ripe, they will not ripen any further. Fruit from the south side of the tree produces the sweetest fruit as well.
  4. Many people don’t realize the benefits of these fat and sodium free fruits. They only have 70 calories, are full of vitamin C, calcium, foliate, thiamin, B6, niacin, potassium, copper, phosphorous and other essential nutrients that your body can survive on. Plus they help prevent scurvy.

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