Mango, dried, sweetened

Fun Facts

  1. Fruits are wonderful for the body. Refreshing and often packed with important vitamins and minerals, they provide a healthy snack and can cure even the most persistent sweet tooth. Dried mango is one of the most popular dried fruits on the market, as many people enjoy the crisp taste and ease with which it can be eaten.
  2. Dried mango lovers should be aware of the fact that dried fruits are particularly less healthy than their natural counterparts. When a mango is dried, it loses water that makes it filling and packs more calories into a smaller amount of fruit—meaning that it is easy to eat too much at once.
  3. Dried mango is, for all intents and purposes, a good snack that is healthier than its alternatives, such as candy, cookies, and other decidedly unhealthy foods. Though it is not the most health-conscious way to eat mangos, dried mango is perfectly acceptable in moderation./li>

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