Loganberries, frozen

Fun Facts

  1. Loganberry is a hybrid variety of American blackberry and European red raspberry. Loganberry fruit is large and elongated. It becomes dark bright red when it ripens completely.
  2. Loganberry is used for making jelly, jams, pies and wines. The berries are juicy and have a sharp, acidic taste. The fruit always ripens very early. Loganberry is used in the breeding of many cultivated varieties. It’s now commercially grown in the Northwest region.
  3. Loganberry drink was urbanized by entrepreneurs in the late 1800s at Crystal Beach, one time amusement park.
  4. Mix loganberries and water in a large saucepan. Cover the pan and simmer the loganberries and add the preserving or granulated sugar to the pan. Heat the contents in the pan until all the sugar gets dissolved. Preserve the mixture in a jar and cover it with a tight lid.

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