Jujube, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Jujube fruit is additionally an anti-oxidant along with re-energizing qualities. It has the capability to assist clear up the skin.
  2. The dried fruits of the jujube consist of saponin, alkaloids and also triterpenoids. These 3 substances are all valuable in cleaning the blood, and also as a guide to digestion of food.
  3. In China jujube is utilized to deal with looseness of the bowels, exhaustion and also appetite loss. In Japan, research has revealed the jujube to improve immunity.
  4. Iron, and also Phosphorus inside Jujube Fruit may also assist you in getting nutritious blood, and also streamlining the circulation of blood. Healthy Blood might help us to avoid several blood problem.
  5. The jujube or even Chinese date, launched into this country from China, is really a moderate size tree, as much as 25 or even more feet, along with glossy green, deciduous leaves.

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