Grapefruit juice, white, canned or bottled, unsweetened

Fun Facts

  1. Digestive system: its high content of water and fiber prevent constipation as well as promote regular bowel movement.
  2. Hydration: the 91% water in grapefruit is full of electrolytes that impact blood acidity (pH levels) and muscle function.
  3. ​Skin: the vitamin C content in grapefruit helps reduce wrinkles, fight skin damage caused by environmental factors, and in collagen production.
  4. ​Asthma: drinking grapefruit juice on a regular basis can lower the risk of developing asthma.
  5. Cardiovascular disease: the phytonutrient known as naringenin aids in blood relaxation; impaired blood vessels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  6. ​Kidney stones: the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the kidneys is reduced with regular intake of grapefruit juice.

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