Cranberry sauce, canned, sweetened

Fun Facts

  1. Cranberries contain nature’s most powerful antioxidant, proanthocyanidins Type A which are unique to cranberries. This compound has antioxidant and anti-adhesion properties which have been shown to help fight certain harmful bacterial.
  2. Cranberries contain more proanthocyanidin antioxidant than any other berry per serving
  3. Cranberries are only harvested in the fall. We recommend stocking up around Thanksgiving and freezing some berries to use throughout the year.
  4. Cranberries are grown in “bogs” or “marshes” – areas of wet, spongy ground. The bogs are generally surrounded by dams to aid in irrigation, flooding and harvesting.
  5. Cranberry plants have very specific soil and drainage requirements and generally do not fare well as “house plants.”

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