Crabapples, raw

Fun Facts

  1. Crab apples are distinguished by their less-than-golf ball size and their tart, bitter flesh. Coloring varies depending on variety but expect variances of red, ruby, pink and gold with apple stems as long as the length of the fruit itself. The two general attributes all Crab apple varieties share is their petite ornamental size and their high acid content.
  2. Crab apples’ flesh is ivory to creamy, semi-starchy and considered inedible raw. Dark seeds fill the Crab apple core, leaving very little flesh available for culinary use.
  3. Crab apples will display their best culinary virtues in processed form. They are utilized for juicing and fermenting, creating both fresh and alcoholic-based ciders. The juice of Crab apples can be used in many applications for recipes both savory and sweet.
  4. Crab apple trees flower and fruit best in full sun, though they can tolerate light shade. Once established, they can also withstand moderate drought conditions. Contrastly, overly moist conditions promote disease incidence.

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