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Fun Facts

  1. Wisconsin Leads the Nation In: Number of Dairy Farms: 11,400 Number of Cheese Plants: 126 Total U.S. Cheese Production: 2 Billion Pounds Wisconsin is the first in the production of many popular cheese varieties. Percent of Total U.S. Production: 80%–Cold Pack & Cheese Food 67%–Muenster 43%—Brick 26%—Cheddar 25%—Mozzarella Wisconsin dairy farms produce more than 23 billion pounds of milk every year. That’s about 14% of the country’s total milk supply. Wisconsin is the # 1 cheese-producing state, making 26% of the country’s cheese.
  2. In an average day, a dairy cow will:
    Eat about 90 pounds of feed
    Drink a bathtub full of water
    Produce 5 to 6 gallons of milk a day–about 80 8-ounce glasses of milk!
  3. The average dairy cow weighs about 1.400 pounds. Cows have four stomach compartments. Cows spend an average of six hours each day eating, and an additional eight hours ruminating or chewing their cud. Most cows chew at least 50 times per minute. If people ate like cows, they would have to eat about 360 cheeseburgers and drink 400 to 800 glasses of water each day! To get the same amount of calcium provided by a quart of milk you would have to eat three and a half pounds of peas, 27 oranges, 50 tomatoes or 50 slices of whole wheat bread.
  4. Wrap or seal cheese as tight as possible to prevent mold growth, making sure that you use a new, clean piece of plastic each time.

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