Apricots, raw

Fun Facts

  1. The apricot’s sweet, tart flavor can tempt taste buds. Go ahead and indulge because this little fruit is nutrient-rich. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) lists apricots as a healthy source of Vitаmins A and C. Vitаmin A promotes eye and skin health, while Vitаmin C helps boost the immune system. Apricots are also rich in beta-carotene and don’t contain any cholesterol or sodium.
  2. Shopping for fresh fruit can be frustrating. It’s often difficult to remember which fruits should be chosen for firmness and which should be a little soft. Choose an apricot that’s plump and that responds to the slight pressure of your thumb. It should be slightly soft. Look for apricots that are orange-gold in color. If the apricots are pale yellow or tinged with green, they’re not ripe.
  3. Apricots are rich in many plant antioxidants. Some of these are the vitamin antioxidants so familiar to regular users of this site. Others are more difficult to obtain from other foods, and may be responsible for specific health benefits. Overall, consider the apricot to be a great food that provides you with the protective effects of antioxidants while adding very few calories to your daily total.

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