Cheese, swiss

Fun Facts

  1. Swiss cuisine mirrors the diversity of local history. The Swiss treasure the distinct taste of their regional specialties. Thinking of Swiss cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Swiss cheese. Famous Swiss cheese products are Gruyere, Emmental and Appenzeller.
  2. Fondue and Raclette are the most popular Swiss cheese dishes.
  3. Fondue is a dish made of melted cheese adding a bit of wine and garlic. Diners dip bits of bread into it using a fork. Should you drop the piece of bread into the pot you either pay the next bottle of wine OR kiss your table neighbours.
  4. Did you know that the real Swiss eat Fondue only during the winter?
  5. Did you know that people in Switzerland raise their eyebrows when they see Americans eating fondue with fries and Coke?
  6. Did you know that many Swiss have a class of Kirsch – cherry schnapps – with the fondue. The more adventures ones dunk their piece of bread in it before they load it with cheese?

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