Cheese, port de salut

Fun Facts

  1. Port De Salut Cheese contains 99 calories per serving (1 slice), coming mostly from fat. This item has about the same amount of calories as the average cheese. Per calorie, it also has about the same amount of protein, fewer carbohydrates, and more fat than comparable options.
  2. With a Nutrient Density score of 62, this food item contains some vitamins and minerals, though not necessarily a high amount of them per calorie. You should strive to include items with a high Nutrient Density score (over 100 pts) as a part of every meal. Colorful, or green leafy vegetables usually score the highest, as they tend to be rich in nutrients but light on calories.
  3. USDA Port De Salut Cheese has a lower Protein Quality score than both the average cheese and the average USDA item. For a better source of protein, you might do better by looking at other products.
  4. Vitamins support a myriad of health functions and are an important part of your diet. Port De Salut Cheese is a good source of: Thiamine (Vitamin B1): Process carbs, heart/nervous function

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