Cheese, parmesan, hard

Fun Facts

  1. Cheese tastes best at room temperature (allow to sit wrapped on counter for at least one hour)
  2. You can’t judge a cheese by its smell (some smellies are bland, some blandies are flavorful)
  3. Raw milk cheeses that are aged more than 60 days are legal in the USA (let’s keep it that way)
  4. Artisinal cheese is expensive because it’s handmade in limited batches
  5. Cut pieces so that everyone gets a bit of the rind (flavor varies from rind to center)
  6. Mold is natural (just scrape it away & enjoy the rest of the cheese – mom was right)
  7. Drinking plain water with cheese invites indigestion (think of butter & water together)
  8. Hardest wines to pair are Cabernets & Chardonnays – easiest wines to pair are Pinot Noirs & Rieslings
  9. Store cheese wrapped in wax paper in humid fridge drawer (let cheese breathe – never let it freeze)
  10. Hard cheeses last for months, soft cheeses last for weeks (let your nose help you decide)

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