Cheese, neufchatel

Fun Facts

  1. With one-third less fat than cream cheese, our Neufchatel Cheese is a simple, smooth solution to health-conscious snacking. Try this creamy, rich, and delicious spread on your morning toast or bagel. It’s a great filling for canapes, too!
  2. Start your day with a healthy smile, enjoying all the flavor of traditional, luscious Neufchatel with one-third of the fat. You’ll never miss it!
  3. Cheesecakes supposedly originated in ancient Greece and were even served to athletes at the first Olympic Games.
  4. The price of ordering the whole Cheesecake Factory cheesecake line-up is almost $400.
  5. The “World’s Most Expensive” cheesecake isn’t even served at a restaurant.
  6. A “Cheesecake Shot” consists of vanilla schnapps and cranberry juice.

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