Oil, babassu

Fun Facts

  1. Babassu oil is extracted from babassu palm which is known scientifically by the name of Attalea speciosa.
  2. Diverse range of oils is useful for culinary and therapeutic purposes.
  3. One such oil is the oil extracted from Babassu palms that has magic cures to a lot of skin ailments and also used for cooking.
  4. With the onset of winter or due to lack of moisture, skin and hair may suffer terribly. Oils and creams may not give you the desired results as they tend to make skin texture extremely oily.
  5. Babassu palm grows in Brazil’s Amazon region and its oil has been used since centuries by the local women. This oil is not popular as cooking oil but it is occasionally used for culinary purposes.
  6. The oil looks pale and clear, exhibiting properties like the coconut oil. Some of its characteristics are:
    Aroma : It has minimum aroma and may smell like coconut oil.
    Color : The oil is light yellow in color.
    Taste : This particular oil has a bland taste.

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