Fat, mutton tallow

Fun Facts

  1. Texas, Wyoming and California are the U.S. states with the highest number of sheep. More than two thirds of U.S. sheep are in the Southern Plains, Mountain and Pacific regions.
  2. The four main products from sheep are lamb (meat from sheep younger than 14 months), mutton (meat from sheep older than 14 months), wool and sheep’s milk.
  3. Bits of sheep can also be found in tennis rackets (strings made of sheep guts), candles and soap (tallow rendered from sheep fat) and most cosmetics and skincare products (lanolin, an emollient found in sheep’s wool).
  4. Approximately 8 percent of male sheep seek sex exclusively with other male sheep. Incidentally, the gay-themed Academy Award®-winning film Brokeback Mountain featured more than 700 sheep.
  5. Sheep and goats may look similar, but they’re different species. Sheep have 54 chromosomes, while goats have 60 chromosomes.

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