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Fun Facts

  1. Corn oil has received much attention in the recent years for its ability to lower blood cholesterol. It is also being compared with olive oil to find out which oil performs better in terms of health benefits. Corn oil contains phytosterols in significant amount. These are sterol compounds that are derived from plant sources and are similar to cholesterol in structure.
  2. Heart Health Corn oil is good for health of cardovascular system if taken within limits. Corn oil is rich in linoelic acids and other PUFAs ( polyunsaturated fatty acids ). A diet which contains about 8 – 10 % of the total energy from PUFAs is good for heart health.
  3. Our regular diet usually contains only about 5 % even though we may be consuming lots of fats. This means that our diet should be rich in foods that contain PUFAs, like corn oil. PUFAs also have LDL cholesterol lowering activity.
  4. Corn Oil for Hair Corn oil is not conventionally a “hair oil”. One can use it as a hot oil treatment 1 – 2 times a week. It helps dry and undernourished hair. It conditions the hair and makes them smooth.
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