Cheese, mozzarella, low moisture, part-skim

Fun Facts

  1. The mozzarella Italians know and love comes from the milk of water buffaloes, not cows. The higher fat content of buffalo milk lends a sweeter, creamier taste and mouthfeel than the cow’s milk mozzarella most of us grew up with in the U.S.
  2. The USDA estimates that per-capita mozzarella consumption comes to 11.5 pounds a year.
  3. “Real deal” fresh mozzarella has a much higher moisture content and is less grate-able as a result.
  4. It belongs to the “pasta filata” family of cheeses, which are also referred to as stretched-curd or pulled-curd cheeses.
  5. Most cheese experts recommend eating fresh mozzarella the day it’s made if possible, and generally waiting no longer than a week.
  6. This amazing pillow of cream-filled goodness is made from scraps left over during the mozzarella-making process, which are mixed into cream and gently placed into the center of a mozzarella “purse.” The end result is worthy of any dessert plate.

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